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Mission Statement

Mission Statement: Christ Is Alive!

Vision Statement

Christ Lutheran Church is a community of believers committed to praising our Savior Jesus Christ. With His love, we reach out to those in need and welcome all with open hearts. Our worship dynamically combines word, song, and prayer to share God’s incredible message. Having faith in this, we go forth knowing that with God and the power of the Holy Spirit, anything is possible.

Guiding Beliefs

Jesus Welcomes All and So Do We

As a Reconciling in Christ congregation, we welcome all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Additionally, we are a multigenerational group that values the perspectives and experiences of all who come together with us. We also open our campus to outside groups, Christian and secular, as a safe place to gather because Jesus’ love knows no bounds.

Through Grace We Are All Saved

Our Lutheran beliefs tell us that through our faith in Jesus Christ, we are all given the gift of salvation. God recognized that we are inherently flawed beings, but because of God’s endless mercy for us, God sacrificed Jesus for our sake. It is by this grace that God forgives us all our sins and grants us eternal life. Our faith alone justifies us.

The Healing Power of the Holy Spirit

None of us come to the church whole. However, we are made one again through the everlasting power of the Holy Spirit. We offer diverse opportunities for restoration including healing prayer during our worship services, the Stretch & Pray group weekly, a grief group once a month, and pastoral counseling upon request.

Little Lambs

Jesus shows us there is much to behold in children. We treasure young ones and employ a full-time director of youth and family ministries to guide their faith journeys from first communion, to confirmation and through high school. Youth of all ages are encouraged to attend and participate in our worship services. Christ Lutheran Preschool is an important part of this mission, too. CLP provides children with rich opportunities for educational, social, and spiritual growth in a safe and caring environment. More information can be found at

Faith-Based Action

The Bible abounds with the examples of individuals standing up for what is right. We believe in living out our faith in word and deed and so take part in fighting for justice locally, nationally, and globally. Amongst our many causes, we are involved in campaigns against AIDS, the abuse of women and children, and human trafficking.

Sharing the Love of God

Everything we have we owe to God’s ceaseless generosity. So, we share this love with the rest of God’s people through our different offerings. For example, we provide financial support to causes combatting malaria and hunger, volunteer our time and skills to help build shelters for those less fortunate, and sew quilts for the homeless. It is our privilege to extend the gifts God has given us to others.